Choosing in Love Relationships

To understand singular love relationships is to understand that we are free from “having to” choose. For “have to’s”, “musts”, “should’s”, “got to’s” and so on are of ego consciousness. In Love in true love, there is choice. Love is infinite and is free, free to choose. We are free from having to choose one soul over another to be with. We can BE with more than one soul loving them. Singular relationship simply means that in the moment that we are with that person, that soul that we choose to BE with them in the moment. That moment in earthly time can last a moment, a day, a month, a year or a lifetime. When we are in singular love relationship we simply are loving the one we are with in that moment singularly.

We can still have deep loving connections with many souls at the same time, and in singular love relationship we choose to be One with the OneSoul that calls to our heart and to our soul. Just because we are in a singular love relationship is free from meaning that we are unable to be with others, it means simply that there is OneSoul that calls to our heart, that our heart calls to and we simply choose in that moment to BE with that soul. Our hearts are as One, our souls are as One in singular love relationship. We desire them as they desire us, fully and completely in the moment. Love is desire not from a longing for something we are free from having, it is a desire to SHARE love with another for to love and be loved is why we are here.

Love is free from ever demanding that someone choose one over another. To demand that someone “has to” be with you is to reside within ego consciousness. Love is freedom, allows us to be with whom we choose. It is you who chooses in each moment whom we desire to be with in each moment. The greatest gift of love we can give to another is to allow them to choose us in each moment, as we choose them. Thus another is BEing with us and us being with them simply because we choose and this is love. For I would never ask my beloved to choose me over anyone, I simply ask that my beloved be with me in the moment because my beloved chooses to rather than me choose for my beloved then it is my beloved who then chooses freely. Love gives the freedom for us to choose in each moment. When we choose to be with another, all we desire is for their happiness. When you get that its not all about you, that you desire for another more than you desire for you, THAT is God Consciousness.

When we are within singular relationship we are simply two whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful souls choosing to share our completeness with one another. Ego consciousness runs away in fear and callousness, ego consciousness fleas and denies such love, ego consciousness says I don’t want to see you or I don’t want to talk to you. Love, love simply loves, Love desires to embrace each moment we can with our beloved, love responds by reaching out and making that call, by saying I love you. Love genuinely cares for another and desires nothing more than their happiness.

When we come from the heart and choose love each moment we ask What Would Love Do Now? and we choose to be with another in love simply because we choose to. It is OK to be within that singular love relationship for the Master Artist we call as Spirit/God/Source/Universal All That Is has given all for such love to be. It is a gift we are given by the Master Artist and to deny such a gift is to damn the very Master Artist and who are we to do such a damning. Be Love in each moment, embrace Love in all forms, to understand this written here is to understand what love truly is. To understand what is written here is to truly live and BE the Master Artist incarnate.